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About Me

After a 17-year career in Corporate America, I found that I wanted to make more of a difference in peoples’ lives. I went back to school, earning my Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology from The Wright Institute in Berkeley, which emphasizes a collaborative, holistic, resiliency-oriented treatment approach, with an emphasis on evidence-based practice.

I have experience counseling a diverse population including adults, children, parents, families, couples, immigrants, LGBTQ parents, recently divorced or separated adults, parents, foster parents, adoptive parents, people of diverse cultural backgrounds, teenagers, and ‘tweens.

My training has included practice in various theoretical models including solution-focused, strength-based, EMDR, attachment, relational, CBT, and mindfulness.

My financial experience, parenting experience, passion for the arts, and work within the counseling psychology field supports my commitment and skill to understand each client’s unique experience and my comfort with a variety of treatment approaches. I am passionate about my field and growing my knowledge and experience, keeping my practice and my engagement with my clients fresh.

I have confidence in my ability to help you, and my willingness to find you the resources you need. I have an extensive database of referrals if you need them.

Related Licensing & Education

Tiffany Cotter, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, #LMFT93496, California

Master of Arts, Counseling Psychology, The Wright Institute

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